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MusiView’s mission is to make your practising/teaching/musical life less stressful and more joyful! I create this community site to let all people help each other. Being in a music world means… 


I’m a firm believer in the Music education, for this I create this education-tips projects. FREE instrumental tips from great musicians around the world, directly on your email! Just with a click you are able to see videos with amazing tips. Click play for the last MusiTips!


I’m a firm believer in the Music education, for this she  creates a education-tips projects by herself called MusiTIPS . I’m always enthusiast to work with children and other teachers for create good workshop/material or music performances. Click on Read more !


Classical or not, Music is my best key! Visit my serious and totally unserious Youtube channel! You can find tips, challenge, musica, composition, advice, curiosity more and more! Or have a look on my Soundcloud account and listen my compositions!

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I’m an Italian bassoonist and vocal coach, I love make music in orchestra, ensemble and bands. When I was nine years old I started piano lessons and only started bassoon at  nineteen when I was accepted at…       


I love create music content! I’m extremely active on social media and I created a community of musicians to offer for them education resources and promote useful products. I collaborate also with brands like “Beaumont Music” in London. I’m always grateful to be able to collaborate with great musicians all around the world thanks to Instagram. 

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