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Words are so important sometimes (not always), they can motivate and have power . Happened that after my quotes posts on Instagram people answer me like this:

“Right words in the right moment”, that’s what we need in our bad day!

A lot of time we want to give up, or we lose focus and feel lost. And that’s why everybody likes  Inspirational Quotes, which have the perfect words for you, that maybe make you smile or encourage you.

Everyone has good days and bad days, most of all during our daily practice, or in our musical life in general. Trust me, you will have so many time of stress, doubts, moments to feel lost and full of questions without find an answer.

It’s amazing the depth of wisdom in this quotes, and the amazing musicians that are behind of them, I’m just a fan of all of them and I just like to think about them that give me this kind of “advices”.

But you just keep holding on and keep a constant flow of motivation & patience on your musical way.

Use this printable wallpapers to keep high your daily inspiration at home or in your practice room!

Click on the link below to download this free 10 classical music wallpaper!

If you would like more free wallpaper just leave a comment!;)

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  • Angel

    Do you have wallpapers for the iPhone?

    • Musiview

      Sorry for my late answer! No but I can make them in future!! 😉 thanks for the request!

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