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15 music education websites


Internet today it is the best tool in the world, but it’s so full of music education resources that the question is:

How difficult it’s finding good Music Education website? 

Probably are you looking for teaching resources such as lesson plans, audio files, downloadable materials, classroom organisation, musical tips?

This is a really good list that I found on and I really like to share with you! I choose the best for me. Enjoy and let me know if you like it! 


K-12 Resources

FREE site, created and maintained by public school teacher Cynthia Mazurkiewicz Shirk of Mankato, Minnesota. This site is a collection of links, categorised: band teachers; vocal/choral teachers; orchestra teachers; classroom teachers; music research; general resources; and much more.



This site offers FREE, standards-based teaching materials for use in and out of the classroom.


Classical Music Archives

We are able to find almost all classical music on youtube but this FREE website contains over 38,400 full-length classical music files in MIDI, MP3, or WMA streaming file formats. To download files you must have a login and a password. Users with a free membership account may download up to five files per day.


The Choral Public Domain Library

FREE sheet music website specialises in choral music, over 7,500 scores, also new composers.



The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This site contains music education lessons developed by participants in the program. 



Music Tech Teacher

This site contains myriad resources for music technology teachers and many samples of student projects. Quizzes, worksheets, games, lesson plans, and much more.



The website focuses on beginning music education fundamentals, very easy to use. The entire Web site is available for download in a free offline edition.


Music Theory Web

Another FREE music education theory site full of interactive tutorials and exercises. For a fee of $20.00, the site can be downloaded in its entirety and used offline.




Good Ear Online Ear Training

This website doesn’t have a good design but it is easy to use. In addition to intervals, it also drills the user on chords, scales, cadences and jazz chords.


The New York Philharmonic KidZone

That’s AMAZING and I love it, this site is packed with super funny games and activities, information about composers, performers, and instruments, and ideas for composition projects.


Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

This site gives students a great introduction to music history, the opportunity to hear and learn about the instruments of the orchestra, and tips on how to practice.


SFS Kids Fun with Music

This website I already advised. The basic elements of music education (tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, and timbre) are introduced in a fun and interactive environment.


Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Music education programming and resources that will support classroom instruction. This site provides students with information about the NSO and its musicians.


PBS Kids Jazz

Introduction to the history of jazz. There are several biographies and video clips of interviews with jazz musicians.


North Carolina Symphony Education project 

In this website, you are able to enter into the organisation of the educational workshop of the orchestra. Totally full of amazing educational materials. 





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