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5 Things You Can do to Start the New Year Less Stressed as a Musician

New Year, are you ready?

Was it a stressful 2017? This is the perfect time to turn on your new year reaching the personal goals in the best way! Here for you 5 things you can do to start the New Year less stressed as a musician.

1. Write your list of goals

New year, new life, new goals, right? Take a paper, your mobile, your laptop or whatever to figure out exactly what you want out of this year. Think about your practice and come up with short goals that you can complete in less time. That will help you to help keep calm and don’t destroy your instrument! If your goal is a new audition by June, write down your steps you’ll need to do. Tasks-Tasks-Tasks, that’s the good start work! If you have an ordered vision of your steps, it will be easier.

2. Take care of yourself

New haircut? taking a bath with a super coloured soap ball? Or simply as I use, doing nothing, just relaxing days on the coach or with your love. Feel good about yourself should be the most important thing ever. Free mind & no stress = Good practice & best results. If you like, check it out these TOP 5 STRETCHING EXERCISES FOR MUSICIANS.

3. Clean your practice room

Don’t lie to me, I’m totally sure that your practice room it’s a mess! Ok, maybe you are not a messy person like me, but in my case, I really need to order my practice room, my reeds stuff, my scores (did you never think about to order it per composer?).  Throw away all things that no longer serve you, all dead pencil and reeds, all horsehair around the room or finished little magic liquid’s bottles for your brass instrument, scattered who knows where!

4. Reflect on your past year

Never think negative! Think of the things you’ve accomplished and ask yourself: How much I have grown this year?. It’s better to be kind to yourself instead of push you down (for this there is your teacher xD). If you really can’t resist taking your “failures”, take these as good lessons to improve yourself!

Here the perfect quote for you!

5.  Do one New thing you would like to do

Probably it will be the hardest thing! Normally it is a new music, new skills for us (like double staccato), or simply a different style of music (like a pop song). That goes against the “small task” that I mentioned before, but I’m sure that trying something new will give you the “thrill of the new“; doing something difficult or simply exciting for you, may give you that extra energy to continue to move forward and improve your skills!

The only one who stops you is yourself!




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