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I’m Gaia and I love music.
Who is Gaia & what is MusiView


I’m an Italian Bassoonist based in the Netherlands, music teacher and vocal coach. I played with different orchestras and ensemble in Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain with conductors including Francisco Maestre, Oscar Navarro, Silvia Massarelli, Anton Gakkel, Lukas Vis and Etienne Siebens.
When I was nine years old I started piano lessons and I only started bassoon at nineteen when I was accepted at Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Rome. Andrea Masini was my teacher mentor and thanks to him I obtained my Master’s degree in 2015. I worked as a music teacher, vocal coach, private teacher and I’m currently studying my Music Education Bachelor at Conservatorium Maastricht.
MusiView’s mission is to make your practising/teaching/musical life less stressful and more joyful! I create this community site to let all people help each other. Being in a music world means :









Instagram Collaborations

For me, it’s a pleasure give my time to supporting young musicians on their musical journeys, for this @MusGaia Instagram account is growing every day thanks to all the musical element inside it. Another my passion is the photography and my images & video feature other musicians accounts, instrumental tips, musical lifestyle and beautiful items every day. I also collaborate with brands such as Beamount Music to create customised social media content.

If your brand fits my mission and my style, let’s chat!


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