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9 FLUTE TIPS to be productive


Are you ready for some flute tips today? I bet you are! All musicians in this world are searching the perfection…and everyone keeps repeating that it does not exist !! (-.-‘). Maybe it’s true, but it’s also true that if you have a good structure, a good teacher, a good study, a good exercise, a good TIP … your skills can improve so fast that you can’t even imagine!!


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The amazing thing is that it’s FREE!!!!


Rachel Ombredane:

Rachel is a professional flautist, singer, teacher and model based in Paris. She performs as a soloist, chamber musician and an in various orchestras and groups around France. Rachel has studied with renowned musicians such as Gilles Grammaize, Pascale Feuvrier, Frederick Chatoux, Chrystel Delaval and Gisèle Fixe. Rachel also works with Vania Boneva of the Paris Opera.

She studied at the famous Paris IV-Sorbonne where she obtained a degree in Music and Musicology with distinction and Masters in musicology under the direction of Catherine Rudent. Rachel loves to teach and now runs the flute class of the association of the city of Paris CRL10 Chateau Landon, the Conservatoire Municipal Radiation (CRC) Tergnier. (biography by Beaumont Music )

Alexandra Pana:

Alexandra Pana was born in 1989 and started playing flute when she was 11 years old. She was born and raised in Romania, but moved in 2011 to Denmark to continue  her studies. From 2011 she took lessons with  Claus Ettrup Larsen (flutist at Aalborg Symphony Orchestra(Denmark)) and in 2013 she was accepted at the Danis National Academy of Music. Here she studied with Rune Most (principal flutist at Odense Symphony Orchestra) until she completed her master studies in 2015 , as an outstanding student.
Alexandra has participated in various national competitions competitions in her home country, and she was awarded and got very good results. Alexandra took also lessons   from  well-known flutists as William Bennett, Jurgen Franz, Janos Balint- (Budapest Symphony Orchestra), Andras Andorjan, Gergeli Bodoki- (Berlin Philharmonic).
Beside classical music, she plays rhythmic music as braziliansk folk music and jazz and she has recorded and released an album with a world music band (jazz-brazilian-folk music). The name of the album is : ”Raphael Gimenes & As Montanhas De Som”
Now she is a Soloist student at the Danish National Academy of Music.

She is also very active in the Danish chamber music environment. Alexandra performed in several professional Symphony Orchestras as Odense Symphony Orchestra (Dk), proffesional orchestras in Romania, in Oslo Jazz Festival Norwegian Rikskringkasting.  She is passionate about music and have a great enthusiasm to turn specifically arranged frequencies of art that speaks to people in a language they can understand.  (biography by Hello stage)

Maja Jasinska:

She was born in Leszno Górne (Poland) in 1993.Maja started to play flute at the age of 10 in Wlodzimierz Tuz class. Later her teacher wasCezary Traczewski. Since 2012 Maja is studying in the flute class of Philippe Benoit at theConservatorium Maastricht (Netherlands). During her studies Maja received lessons fromsuch important flute masters as: Peter Lukas Graf, Pierre-Yves Artaud, Felix Renggli, DejanGavric, Łukasz Długosz, Lars Asbjorsen, Wissam Boustany, Emily Beynon.

Since September 2015 Maja is an assistant of Prof. Philippe Benoit flute class at theConservatorium Maastricht. Maja has participated and was successful in many flute competitions. She became a laureateat the ‘Wind Instruments Competition’ in Gubin 2005, in 2009 she got a 2nd prize at the‘Winds Instruments National Competition’ in Poznan and in 2012 a 2nd prize at the ‘SpringFlute Festival’ in Sochaczew.

In 2010 Maja Jasińska received a highly valid scholarship of the President of the Council of Ministers of Poland, which was extended for another year in 2011 due to outstanding musical achievements. For many years Maja Jasinska has been a principal flutist in various orchestra projects, e.g in Festival Eurochestries in France (2010), Conservatory Symphony Orchestra in Walbrzych(2010-2012), and since September 2013 in the Maastricht Conservatory’s SymphonyOrchestra.

She has given recitals and concerts in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Netherlands and France.In 2011 Maja performed as a soloist with Moniuszko’s Conservatory Symphony Orchestra atthe Young Classic Wratislavia Festival in Poland. The same year she was invited as soloist toperform seven concerts with Festival Eurochestries throughout Slovakia. In April 2015 Majawas selected (through an open audition for all instruments) to perform as a soloist with theMaastricht Conservatory’s Symphony Orchestra.

I’m repeating….the amazing thing is that it’s FREE!!!!


Start with watching this video with the first Flute-tip of the 3  and after take your opinion about it and if you are curious to know the other tips, you can sign up HERE or in the link below the video.


It’s time to stand out online and be super excited about your instrument!


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